Stop the Destruction and Banish Beetles

Protect your garden against beetles with an easy and effective solution.

Ortho Beetle B Gon Max™ Beetle Killer is effective against 4 kinds of beetles. It controls without attracting more beetles. Now you can spend time enjoying your garden not defending it.

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Which beetle do you have?


Japanese Beetle

Rounded oval shape with metallic green head and copper wings.

​Feeds in daytime starting at the top of plant, working downwards.


Asiatic Beetle

Chestnut brown with slight sheen.

Feeds at night starting at the outer leaf, working inwards to veins.

May see ¼ inch exit holes in soil close to plants with feeding damage.


Oriental Beetle

Mottled metallic brown and black wings.

Prefers to feed on petunias, daisies, and roses.


Rose Chafer

Long, spiny legs and light brown body with a black line down its back​.

Feeds on rose leaves and blooms.

Natural Active Ingredient

Live naturally occuring organism that targets beetles.

No adverse effects

Does not adversely affect helpful insects like bees and butterflies.


Must be stored away from direct sunlight, between 4-25°C. Has shelf life of 16 months.

Banish beetles

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Banish beetles

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How to Get Rid of Japanese Beetles

How to Get Rid of Japanese Beetles