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How to control these problem weeds.
Meet the top pests that can damage your plants and infest your garden.
Because of deep roots, hand pulling isn't enough to keep this stubborn weed from coming back every spring
You may want to get rid of centipedes to keep your home 100% bug-free. Learn how to get rid of centipedes.
Black widows are found in the Southern and Western U.S. They will only bite when disturbed. Females are shiny black with the distinctive red hourglass. They are solitary spiders that prefer dark, secluded areas.
Grubs are the larvae of beetles. They are C-shaped, off-white with a dark head. Newly hatched grubs feed aggressively on roots of plants. In large numbers, grubs can do significant damage.
With the awakening of spring, comes the awakening of bugs.
Learn how to keep bugs out of your home in this insect control segment by Frankie Flowers.
Learn how to safeguard your home, lawn and landscape from mosquitoes.
Cockroaches may be the grossest pest to ever scurry across a kitchen counter. These disease-carrying scavengers crawl up and into your cabinets, chew through packaging, and eat your food. Along the way, they leave droppings that contaminate everything in its path. In short, they're the worst.
Even nice hotels can fall victim to bed bugs. Learn what to do so you don't bring them home.
For thousands of years, people have enjoyed growing plants indoors. Not only are they beautiful, but houseplants also clean the air, reduce stress, and put you in a good mood without asking for much in return.