Get Bugs Gone and Keep Them Gone

ortho home defense max insect barrier

Get Bugs Gone and Keep Them Gone

Protect your home from unwanted pests for up to 365 days with Ortho® Home Defense® MAX®.

A Guide to Insects & Weeds

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How To Use Ortho® Orthene Fire Ant 2 Step Method

Get this killer combo from Ortho® and take back your lawn! Kill the mounds, and keep fire ants away for up to 6 months!

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Control Irritating Pests & Weeds

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Our Reviews Speak

for Themselves


Ortho® Home Defense® Insect Killer for Indoor & Perimeter

It does what it says it will do.

“I’ve been using Home Defense for 5 years. I spray twice a year, spring and fall. I have no bugs or spiders in my house. I have found it to be an amazingly good product that does what it says it will do.”

- Bugless in Kitsap

Home defense comfort wand on the ground indoor

Ortho® WeedClear® Lawn Weed Killer

Gets the job done

"This works so well! I normally worry that weed killer is also going to hurt my lawn, but I gave it a try anyway. This works like a charm! My grass stayed green and lush and the weeds disappeared. I will definitely be using this again in the spring. The difference between my lawn and my neighbors' lawns is stark!"

- Dandie

Man holding weedclear north comfort wand in the lawn