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The cicadas are coming. Are your lawn and garden ready for the swarm?
Summertime means cicadas. Is your home ready?
Adult chinch bugs are about one-fifth of an inch long and black with white wings folded over their backs.
Keep those counters, nooks, and crannies ant-free with these simple tips.
In the forest, these ants help dispose of decaying wood. In your home, they can do serious damage.
Fleas in your home can be distressing. Follow these steps to get rid of them.
Are hobo spiders as dangerous as you think?
Also known as sugar ants, these tiny pests can be hard to control.
Learn what bed bugs look like and the signs they leave behind so you can stop an infestation.
Learn how to identify and control scorpions.
Find out how to make your house unwelcome to termites and what to do if you see them.
You could bring bed bugs home without knowing it. Here's how to avoid it.