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Adult chinch bugs are about one-fifth of an inch long and black with white wings folded over their backs.

Sod webworms can destroy your lawn in just a few days.

Protect your home from termite damage by learning what they look like and how to kill them.

Learn how to identify and control a flea infestation.

Learn the habits of these wood-eating insects, and how to treat and prevent an infestation.

Learn how to identify and control scorpions.

Before you can get rid of indoor ants, roaches, and spiders, you need to know where to find them.

If you see spots of brown grass and birds pecking at your lawn, you could be facing a cutworm infestation.

Stinging insects can ruin a lot of outdoor fun.

Black widows are found throughout the U.S. but are most numerous in the South.

Headline-making bed bugs are no joke. They spread easily, are experts at hiding, and feed on blood, often while you sleep.

When bothersome bugs take the fun out of being outside, here’s what to do.