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Spruce up your driveway and you'll automatically boost your home's curb appeal.
Black spot can be found on numerous plants
Late Blight disease is an aggressive fungus-like pathogen that thrives in cool, damp weather.
Adult chinch bugs are about one-fifth of an inch long and black with white wings folded over their backs.
Discover how to fight this common grassy weed—and win.
This broad-leafed, invasive weed is listed as a noxious harmful weed in every state where it's found.
Aphids, also known as plant lice, can wreak havoc on many types of garden plants.
This invasive plant can be hard to tackle, but with these tips and some patience you can get it under control.
Keep those counters, nooks, and crannies ant-free with these simple tips.
In the forest, these ants help dispose of decaying wood. In your home, they can do serious damage.
Fleas in your home can be distressing. Follow these steps to get rid of them.
Are hobo spiders as dangerous as you think?