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Aphids, also known as plant lice, can wreak havoc on many types of garden plants.

Strong rain storms are often followed by an increase in insect pests.

Follow these tips to protect yourself from horse flies and their painful bite.

Follow these tips to help stop biting flies from ruining your time outdoors.

Do your hostas, delphiniums, or leafy vegetables look like Swiss cheese, shot full of holes?

Learn how to safeguard your home, lawn and landscape from mosquitoes.

Spiders are just one of the many beneficial creatures living in your garden. Get to know the friendly spiders, and learn how they can help improve the health of your garden.

Meet the top pests that can damage your plants and infest your garden.

Fungus gnats are harmless to people, but their larvae can damage your houseplants.

Cover your young trees and your ears and you’ll be all set for these noisy summer bugs’ rare appearance.

Some caterpillars become beautiful butterflies and some just do damage to your garden.

These green caterpillars can leave flowers and foliage looking raggedy for months on end.