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Discover how to ID, kill, and prevent this common annual weed.

This annual weed can form thick, dense mats that crowd out the plants you want in your lawn.

Has your patio seen better days? Here’s an easy, inexpensiveway to give it new life.

A quick guide to common weeds - and how to defeat them

This invasive plant can be hard to tackle, but with these tips and some patience you can get it under control.

If this opportunistic weed invades, it’s critical to push back.

Put an end to these unwanted, moisture-loving plants.

Don’t want to spend autumn cozying up with bugs and weeds?

Getting rid of dandelion, crabgrass, and other ugly weeds in your yard can be faster and easy than you think.

Discover what works—and doesn’t work—in the fight to free your yard from this invasive weed. 

Here’s how to whip a scraggly landscape into shape before the first guests arrive.