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This relative of spinach can be considered a delicacy on a dinner plate or an annoying weed.

 Discover why moss forms in your yard.

Pennywort, or dollarweed, is a water loving perennial that thrives in warm temperate regions.

You don't have to put up with the presence of this pesky weed in your lawn.

Thistle is an opportunist that can grow in field and road edges, wet and dry sites, pastures and your backyard.

If this opportunistic weed invades, it’s critical to push back.

Because of deep roots, hand pulling isn't enough to keep this stubborn weed from coming back every spring.

Dollarweed is a perennial weed that thrives in warm, humid regions of the South.

At Scotts®, our ESG commitments demonstrate how we live out our purpose to GroMoreGood everywhere.

By summer's end, this grass like weed leaves behind big, brown patches.

Lawn weeds can make you feel lousy.

Find out how to banish this pesky weed from your lawn.