Preventing Pests After A Mild Winter

Insects may emerge earlier after a mild winter.

Treat now to prevent bigger problems later

An early spring can be a wonderful thing, but it also means that you have to be on your toes when it comes to preventing insects like ants, fleas, and ticks from taking over your yard and home. That's because, after a mild winter, you may be inundated with insects even earlier than usual. Many insect pests hibernate during the cold months, but the milder temperatures can wake them up early to search for food—and you need to be ready. The key is to protect your family and pets by getting ahead of the problem and preventing these pests from taking over your home and yard.

Treat Your Lawn and Landscape

Ants, chinchbugs, and ticks (including those that may transmit Lyme disease) are just some of the bugs that you might find in your lawn early after a mild winter. 

Use Ortho® BugClear® Lawn Insect Killer will control those and about a hundred other listed types. To control insects on your flowers, trees, and shrubs, use Ortho® Bugclear™ Insect Killer for Lawns & Landscapes. Both products not only kill these (and many other) bugs, but they also create a barrier to help protect against future infestations. Apply as soon as you start to see insects or insect damage, and be sure to read and follow all of the label directions.

Don't Let Bugs Invade Your Home

Of course, bugs don't always stay outdoors. Many will find their way into homes while searching for food, water, and shelter—just don't let it be your home! Create a long-lasting bug barrier by spraying fast-drying Ortho® Home Defense Max® Indoor Insect Killer with Extended Reach Comfort Wand® along baseboards, window frames, and doorways. Protect your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, attic, garage—anywhere you think bugs will be a problem—without having to worry about fumes or staining. If bugs have already made it into your home, Ortho® Home Defense Max® Indoor Insect Killer with Extended Reach Comfort Wand® has that covered, too. It kills ants, spiders, and cockroaches for up to 12 months*.

* indoors on nonporous surfaces

Act Now, Then Enjoy the Spring!

Treating now to kill early-invading bugs will give you a head start on protecting your plants and property for the spring and summer, so you can enjoy the warm weather ahead. Be sure to follow the label directions for when, where, and how to use each product.