How To Prevent Termites In Your Yard

Learn what you can do around your house and yard to keep termites away.

Take a Stand Against Termites

If your house is built with wooden beams or siding, it's very attractive to termites. They can't tell the difference between a tree in the woods and a dwelling for humans. And they don't care. But since you do, here are a few simple tips to keep termites from taking a bite out of your house.

Stack Firewood Away From the House

So many termite problems are caused by stacking firewood up against the house. The rule of thumb is, don't let your firewood touch the soil. Or even come close. You're better off storing it in a rack that's several inches above the ground. Some experts recommend placing the firewood rack on a concrete slab. And store your firewood as far away from the house as possible, while still making it practical to retrieve, especially in the winter.

Remove Tree Roots

Termites love tree roots. If you remove a tree, it's a good idea to have a tree service take out the root system, too. Also, if you are aware of a place where a tree once stood, it may be worthwhile to dig up the old root system.

Protect Your Deck

To keep your wooden deck from becoming termite fodder, be sure that the support beams touch concrete instead of dirt. That will help your deck remain less susceptible to termites while resisting rot.

Other Problem Areas

The real key to protecting your house from termites is to keep wood and moisture as far away from each other as possible. Damp basements attract termites because of the moisture. If they find wood, they'll stick around. Also, overflowing gutters make the adjoining wood stay damp too long, increasing the risk of termites.

Create Perimeter Protection

You can help prevent termites from coming too close to your house by creating a barrier around your home's foundation. By usingOrtho® Home Defense® Termite & Destructive Bug Killer, according to label directions, you can create a barrier to keep termites out. When used as a trenching treatment, it will control subterranean termites for up to 5 years* in the treated areas.

*Not in MA, NY and RI