How to Treat Grassy Weeds

How to control these problem weeds

Let's face it: you don't feed, water, and mow your lawn to make it attractive to weeds. Yet that's how a lot of people feel when they see crabgrass take over. Grassy weeds are tough, aggressive plants that thrive on stressed areas of your yard. Dried out lawns, thin patches, sun–scorched areas are inviting spots for grassy weeds. The best way to fight them is to learn how they work and what they like, then deprive them.

Know What You're Up Against

Grassy weeds are annual plants that have to work fast. Since they only live for a season, they produce hundreds or even thousands of seeds that lie dormant until the following spring. Over time, they can completely overrun your yard. Plants of this type include crabgrass, quackgrass, and goosegrass.

Your Plan of Attack

Now that you know how weeds thrive, it's time to take them on. Apply a pre-emergent in the spring.

The Best Defense Is Offense

The way to keep weeds out of your lawn is to make them feel unwelcome in the first place. Keep your lawn thick and healthy, and weeds won't find a place to settle in. If you set your mower high, water deeply, and feed regularly, you'll do a lot to keep weeds out of your yard.