How to Make Your Patio Look New Again

Has your patio seen better days? Here’s an easy, inexpensive way to give it new life.

One of the problems with outdoor patios is that they're, well, outdoors, where dirt, grime, and weeds are more than happy to pay a visit. But even though the patio isn't actually in your home, it's part of your home. So if it's looking a little unruly, it can make your whole life feel a bit more chaotic. Relax! Whipping your patio back into shape can be quick and easy. Just follow this simple pick-me-up plan.

1. Clear up.

Nothing makes a patio look more unkempt than weeds that have gotten out of hand. They have an annoying habit of poking through tiny concrete cracks, popping up between stone slabs and brick pavers, and creeping along open edges and decorative fences. The best way to get rid of unwanted weeds from patio seams, cracks, and other hardscape areas (like walkways) is to use a liquid weed control like Ortho® GroundClear® Super Weed & Grass Killer. Not only does it kill 175 types of weeds and grasses, quickly, but it works deeply, too. The spray formula reaches the roots to kill weeds at the source of the problem.

2. Clean up.

Next, give everything a clean sweep, top to bottom, side to side, and around and underneath edges. Use a broom to get rid of dirt, leaves, and debris, making sure to remove cobwebs from any adjoining siding, lattice work, or fencing. Scrub away dark spots and stubborn patio stains using a stiff brush and mild cleaner. Then, give your patio a good wash-down with a garden hose. If it needs a deeper cleaning, use a pressure washer on a light setting. Take long, overlapping passes to prevent streaking and uneven cleaning.

3. Fix up.

Once the patio has dried completely, fill in surface gaps and seal hairline cracks with an outdoor caulk, sealer, epoxy filler, or concrete patch. Not only will the patio look neater and cleaner, but patching also helps protect it from damage caused by water that can seep from downspouts, low spots in the yard, or underneath the patio. For paver-covered concrete patios, do a once-over, checking for loose border pavers. Re-glue as necessary, using an appropriate adhesive product.

4. Perk up.

Now it's time to rejuvenate. Give a plain, concrete patio a fresh look with a coat of color, using paint, stain, or an area-sized outdoor rug. Add a decorative edge to the entire patio (or even extend it) with stone pavers, concrete squares, or a paver-and-pebbles walkway. If weeds should make an appearance in a newly hardscaped area like this, get rid of them as soon as you see them with Ortho® GroundClear® Super Weed & Grass Killer (following all label directions).

5. Pretty up.

Arrange patio furniture into cozy gathering spots, adding decorative outdoor items such as weatherproof pillows, outdoor twinkle lights, and even a rolling beverage cart. For a no-cost fix-up, shop your own home for accessories that do double-duty outside. Mason jar candles, hurricane lanterns, and serving trays work well, as do baskets, crates, bins and buckets. Of course, no outdoor living space is complete without a few potted plants. Bring texture and style into the space by varying the types, shapes, and colors of both pots and plants. For privacy, add large container shrubs. For color pops, set out clusters of painted clay pots filled with vibrant blooms. 

Making your old, ragged-looking patio look new again doesn't have to be overwhelming, complex, or time-consuming. Just follow these 5 easy steps and you'll soon be able to relax, knowing it's back in order and looking great.

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